While bowling, if you throw a gutter ball for your first throw, then throw a strike to pick up the spare on your second ball.
Fuck ya, I just went balls deep to pick up the spare!
to insert penis till balls slap vag.
tyler was balls deep in that tranny till he busted a nut she then kicked the fuck out of him till he was a bloody mess. tyler then the next day killed his dog and cut off his penis
by Mr. Mayonasse August 16, 2007
To be really fucking high.
Carper i smoked so much weed tonight i was BALLS DEEP .
by from smokeing January 26, 2009
he stuck his whole package in, including his lovenuts
so i was balls deep in this guys asshole one time...
by Lindsey Heath & Shannon Olivier August 06, 2006
sinking two balls into the same cup while playing beer pong. making the incredible shot will reward you with three cups being removed and both balls back to shoot again.
in the championship beer pong game, team ramrod went balls deep on team whatever for the win!

by jereem k. May 06, 2007
1. Can mean anything other than something negative.
2. Used when trying to conqure silence.

1. "Dude, that party was balls deep."
2. *silence* "Balls deep?"
"Balls deep."
by SkankinSally November 24, 2005
ELF bot user! Don't war him or YourDevilsMeds!
codballsdeep is a homo.
by The Internet King November 13, 2003

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