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Same as balloonjuice
What a load of balloon juice!
by Chad December 07, 2003
6 11

Words related to balloonjuice:

balloon juice
1. Insincere or empty talk, nonsense
2 interj. Nonsense!
Can the balloonjuice and get back to work.

You bought a new Porsche for $50? Balloonjuice!
by Chad December 07, 2003
43 22
The contents of a used condom.
Don't get no balloon juice on me!
by woody October 09, 2004
24 22
The slimy liquid released by popping an orally inflated balloon. Thought by some to be spit.
Don't pop that balloon in my face. I don't want a faceful of balloonjuice!
by Chad December 17, 2003
12 19