Slight of hand trick, such as pretending to drop a bowl of tobacco and catching it right next to your crotch. Usually accompainied with a box frame around groin region or a outstretched pointed finger aimed at your meat missle. "Ballgazer" is shouted to make everyone in the room know you've been lookin at your mates sack! Cannot be used if the intended victim does not look!
Me: ***pretends to drop lighter & grabs ballcocks"

Me: "BALLGAZER!!!!'"
Everyone in the room: "HAAAW HAAAW, YOUR A FUCKING BALLGAZER!!!"
Your Mom: "I saw him looking at your dick again, what a frikkin ballgazer!!
someone who fuckin does nothing at work only stares at balls all day
hey ballgazer get to fucking work. or
billy stop your ballgazing
by mark stroh May 04, 2005
The act of being a man, and staring at another mans balls.
Usually people who do this are gay, otherwise known as homosexuals.
"stop looking at my balls you ballgazer"
by vagvagvagvagvagvagvagina May 31, 2009

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