One who stares at balls for personal satisfaction.
Person1: "Hey look at this fork by my crotch"
Person2 looks.
Person1: "HAHA You ball gazer"
by Gazer1 March 29, 2004
Top Definition
The taunting moniker given to one who has recently gazed upon balls, usually when the owner of the balls displays his thumb and index finger forming a circle over the balls.

The idea is to be creatively insulting when calling someone ballgazer, using it in humorous context or in a play on words adding to the shame and disgrace the offender faces.
"You looked at more balls tonight than the Daily Lotto since it's inception!"

"Your eyes just lapped up a large serving of my balls.. Were you ball-famished?"

Fabian --> Gaybian Ballgazer --> Dr. Gabiano "8-Ball" Ballgazorno

Ballgazaurus Rex
by The (Ball) Shark July 23, 2009
During conversation an individual looks at a male’s crotch. They are normally found in male showers.
After the game in the shower Ted approaches Dave...

Ted: Hey, Dave you played a great game!
Dave: Uhh...Thanks...Are you looking at my balls?
Ted: Yes
Dave: Fuckin Ball gazer
by dnc4 January 01, 2008
When you make the shape of balls in your crotch area, and when you capture the person staring down there, you scream "BALL GAZER!!"

(from the Love Guru)
Chelsea: *looks down there*
Demetris: BALL GAZER.
by omgitszoe March 17, 2009
To trick someone by having them look at your hands, then moving them to your crotch and forming the letters "b" and "g" with your fingers. With the victim still looking at your hands, immediately call them a "ball gazer".
Dave: Hey Mark, how many power supplies does this customer need?

Mark: I don't know. I'll have to check. What are you doing with your...

by Decay66 November 12, 2009
when someone is tricked or wants to look at someone's balls
guy 1: look at my finger

guy 2:ok

guy 1 puts his finger near his crotch.


guy 2 : damn!
by bubba ganooch June 15, 2009
- one with the undeniable urge to look at others ball sacks ......
i turned and then noticed you where a ball gazer
by trefrog42o December 23, 2014
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