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The act of hitting someone in the genitals.

One is required to say "Ball Tag" before they smack them so that it is a fair call.
Nick: Hey Nolan!
Nolan: Yea?
Nick: What do you think of Mr. Moor...BALL TAG!
Nolan: UGH! *falls over crying*
by Dick McFeely February 24, 2005
The act of forcing a group of individuals to run around and play tag with the starting tagger being squirrel tapped; while the other individuals run. The only way to tag one is through squirrel tapping.
Kurt likes to make people play balltag for alcohol.
by Chad November 13, 2004
A game where if smeone see's your testicle(s), their it and must show some one else their testicle(s)
Willy: Hey, Mike!
Mike: What the fuck do you what, Willy?
Willy: Ball tag! You're it!
Mike: You sick ass faggot.
Willy: Hahaha
Mike: Greg!
Greg: Yeah
Mike: Ball tag, you're it
Greg: Fuck, do that again and I'll get Dylan to rape you.
Willy: Can't rape the willing.
by Ox June 07, 2003
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