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When you nick your sac with a dull razor
Deqwan- Nigga why you always grabbin yo junk?

Marqueen- Nigga! I got ball scrape.
by Nickasac March 14, 2014
Condition that can occur in males when they shave their scrotum to fast or not carefully.
He got a ball scrape because the razor wouldn't conform to his ball sack. I told him to slow down or he won't go out because there will be a blood stain on his white jeans.
by Kacey2012 March 14, 2014
When you are shaving your pubic hair on your balls, and you accidentally cut your balls.
"Dude I was shaving my balls really quick for Friday night, and I got a ball scrape.
by bossssssy March 14, 2014

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