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"Let me touch your ball fur"; the act or thought of touching the soft downy hair or fur on the male ballsac, ball sack, scrotum.
A female's desire to sniff a good looking guy's ball fur (soft pubes on scrotum). "Mmm, would I like to give his soft ball fur a good sniff."
Guy's soft ballsack coupled with downy fur or soft pubes contain a scent that is desirable between a man and a woman who likes him. "I'm almost Pavlovian thinking of how nice his ball fur must smell." A conditioning of knowing how soft the fur or hair or pubes can be on a nice soft male scrotum. A feminine endearment for a dude that smells or looks good. "I want to get next to his sack (or ball)fur." "I'd love for him to teabag his ball fur all over my face."
A woman playfully reaching in a man's zippered pants for a quick feel of his ball fur.
by fur wearer November 07, 2008
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