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A euphemism for not getting any sex, and possibly doing another activity (ie: stress baking) to relieve the stress of celibacy.
Cindy: What's up, Jon?
Jon: Just hanging out, baking cupcakes.
Cindy: Oh, I love cupcakes! Save me some!
Jon: That's not what I...oh, never mind. Wanna do it?
Cindy: Not really
Jon: Then I guess I'll keep baking cupcakes.
by failboy September 20, 2009

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Smoking mad weed.
Baking out.
You get it,
"Livvie and Trixie are going out to bake some fine cupcakes, wanna join them with me?"
"YEAH those chicks are sooo cool"
by anonyMUSSSSS August 06, 2005