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A specific style that some skaters dress. It is defined by skin tight *girls* jeans (preferably black and the tighter the better), jet black hair, a skin tight shirt, leather jacket, and button pins or thin metal pins in the jacket and or pants. This style most likely is accompanied by a baker skateboard and emerica shoes.

Listening to emo optional.
"Wow did you see how tight his pants are?"

"Yea they're 9 year old girls pants he picked up at a thrift store."

"What a baker clone."
by blab October 16, 2005
A fashion trend, exclusive to skateboarding, that consists of skin tight jeans (usually made by the company krew) and emerica or vans shoes; related indirectly to the Emo, Punk Rock subculture.
"Holy Shit, look at his awesome Krew AR's!"

"Dude your such a Baker Clone"
by shawn havili December 18, 2005
A kind of skater or poser that wears emerica shoes has a baker deck and wears nixon watches or leather wrist bans.
HAhahhaha look at that stupid baker clone
by Jake, Adam, Noah, Greg July 10, 2005
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