To have horrible luck with technology, especially when concerning cell phones or xbox 360's. Comes form the host of Cnet's 404, who had nine phones in nine months because of malfunctions and broke 5 360's over the course of his life.

To break cell phones.

Should be followed by the proverbially N00B.
Guy 1:Aw man my phone is broken
Guy 2: Looks like you just pulled a Bakalar!!!! N00B
by Kobe das Efx 311 June 11, 2010
Top Definition
v. To cause your cell phone to inexplicably and repeatedly malfunction.

This phenomenon affects only the smartphones of Jeff Bakalar, one of the hosts of The 404, CNET Networks. Jeff has an uncanny and unwelcome ability to render a high-tech, fully-functioning smartphone into the a call to customer service and the butt of every malfunctioning cell phone joke on the popular podcast, The 404.

The world wide tech community has been baffled with his technological mishaps, leaving us with only one explanation for Jeff Bakalar's phone issues: Bakalar possesses super mutant powers known only as Bakalariosis
Jeff's Palm Pre has been bakalared nine times in twelve months, having been the replacement to his often bakalared Windows Mobile phone. His new phone, an Evo 4G, was bakalared in a record-setting two weeks.
by soccerush10 June 13, 2010
The sudden or gradual malfunction of any electronic device of any shape, size or form due to the touch of a mystical hand
Me: Dude, he totaly Bakalared my iPhone.
Dude: What? how?
Me: donno, it just broke, guess I got the Bakalar hands
Dude: Damn, sucks man
by EpicXX June 13, 2010
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