a joint rolled very loose
man that is one baggy spliff
by baggy May 11, 2007
The art of taking everything out of someone's bag, turning the bag inside out and placing the stuff back inside. Then close the bag up and return, works best without the owner knowing.

the action is called being baggied
"What the hell, why is my bag like that"
"dude that's a baggy, you just got baggied"
by SteVeHaaaM February 22, 2014

usually in reference to a hockey goal.
Oh man, that was such a baggy goal.

Did you see how the shot deflected off the glass, hit the goalie and went in? that's so baggy.
by truckwiththeguns February 02, 2010
to do someone wrong.
A:yo lemme get some cheetohs.
B:naw, my nigga.
A:u baggy.
by thaflyykid July 10, 2008
someone who rolls a loose joint
yo man dats one baggy spliff
by james "baggy" fahy May 11, 2007
The best people in the world. Usually seen wearing massve baggy trousers, hence the name. 90 percent of baggy boys are sex gods. Not Rory though. Sworn enemies of chav-kind
Chav:"You baggy, get some decent clothes"
Baggy:"Fuck off you chav"
by A. Nono Mouse February 22, 2004
Bong like device used for the smoking of cannabis.
Consists of one two litre coke bottle with the bottom cut off and replaced with a bag, and a gauze is placed in the cap hole. A bud is put in the gauze and lit while pulling the bag down to suck in the smoke. The gauze is removed and the collected smoke is inhaled with one deep breath.
by wh1plash January 29, 2004

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