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It is how Steve Carell describes the feminine mammary glands (boobs/tits) in the movie...40 year old Virgin
Steve: You know...when your feeling them...they feel like a...bag of Sand.
by TT49 March 13, 2008
A "bag of sand" is slang for a £1000, or a grand.
How much is this?
Its a bag of sand.
by foodboy September 14, 2006
A comment intended to display knowledge of a subject which instead exposes the ignorance of the person who made it. Derived from a scene in "The 40 Year Old Virgin" when the main character's virginity is obvious due to his story about a woman's breast feeling like a bag of sand.
Sarah Palin's claim that she regularly reads every newspaper ever printed was a "bag of sand" moment for the governor.
by omgboomer July 01, 2009
Noun. £1000, a thousand pounds sterling. Rhyming slang on a 'grand'. Often shortened to bag.
"Gimme twenty bags in suitcases, or you'll never see your daughter again!"

by Dylan Hewson August 02, 2005
Word used to describe a lady you'd like to analy intrude with absolutely no lube whatsoever. So dry would you like to drybum her that you intentionally take a "bag of sand" out with you on a night out.
Bagofsand you dirty little ratbag!
by Corky's mate July 10, 2006