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n. (bg o' hel)

1. A step up from "a can of worms", an unfortunate situation compounded by idiots.
2. A situation that has become confusing or difficult
3. Ire, ill feelings for an individual or a group of people.
4. Drama, human suffering, general spitefullness and chaos.
5. A bag (burlap or plastic) that contains the fires of hell, its lord and all its minions (demons).
1. "Oh shit, you just opened up a bag 'o hell ...."
2. "Man this situation has just turned into a bag o' hell."
3. "Dont make me open up a bag o' hell on you boy."
4. "Dont drag me into this bag o' hell, leave me out of this."
5. "Hey dude check this out, this crazy old asian dude gave me this bag o' hell."
by Scruff Cockmonger May 25, 2005
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