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an expression says when he is stoned and playing old school nentindo!
yeah i got a home run in R.B.I basebell
by dill July 05, 2003
When your stomach sticks out farther then your butt.
Ayooo! Lanawattie damn girl you got a badooo

Son, Carol got the illest badoo
by LiL0NE August 30, 2007
The correct definition for a house cat, or any of the cat families including lions or tigers, lynx or cubs. Specifically a term denoting feline superiority.
'Look at the Badoo!'
by NumbuhFour April 14, 2009
a term used expressly for when talking to big guys named sam.
sam: badoo badoo!!!!

everyone else: shut up or ill kill you
by brothel pete November 25, 2003