Baddie = a evil bad dude in a game. Example: Liquid Snake in MGS
Dude, isn't he a baddie?
by Miigga June 07, 2005
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a very attractive woman
"wow, that girl is a baddie"
by nick j May 29, 2006
One who's videogame performance is subpar. It may refer to, but is not limited to, noobs.
"He just planted at A. Don't peek! Don't peek!"

Teamate peeks and gets shot in the head

"OMG you are such a baddie!"
by [AP|N] Swordfish April 20, 2007
A tremendously stupid phrase used by gamers (especially in MMORPG's) to describe anyone who plays poorly. Terms such as "baddie" do nothing to help remove the socially-inept, tone-deaf loser stigma stuck on gamers.
"This entire raid is filled with baddies."
by Trendon April 22, 2010
A common, non-boss enemy in a video game. Defined as early as in the original Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo Entertainment System instruction booklet.
Beware! The following are deadly: Bumping into members of the Turtle Tribe and other baddies. Walking into flames...

-Super Mario Bros. Instruction Booklet, page 10.
by Soleijhee May 06, 2012
A particularly strange word, used to describe someone who is "bad" at a video game. Old fashioned, rarely used, except by people who lack a understanding of the English language.
The noob DonkeyKong called several CounterStrike:Source players "baddies."
by MajorKane November 16, 2007
A terrible League of Legends player
Bromuzl is a baddie
by Jehred March 06, 2011
Term describing a fan of Canadian musician Bryan Adams
If it wasn't for all the baddies, Bryan Adams wouldn't have sold an album in years.
by Badfreak March 24, 2008

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