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Basically, everything a man looks for in a female.
Boy, she a bad bitch, what are you about to do with that?
by Lil' JJ December 08, 2010
235 218
A self awarded title which a trash bag gutterho with a bad attitude and poor social skills gives herself, thinking it's a postive thing. A bad bitch is typically marked by an obscenity laden vocabulary, a penchant for fighting other women who breathe in their vicinity, an overinflated ego, short shorts and cellulite, and poor education. Bad bitches are never to be confused with ladies.
She said she's a bad bitch and I said then I have nothing more to say to you, I'm looking for a lady.
by Sly Banter September 15, 2013
31 16
A bad bitch is one who is independent, wanted by MANY, does wat she wants, when she wants and isnt concerned wit wat others say or think about it. She has the highest self confidence and self esteem no matter wat her size, height, or shape bt she is also strong minded. She owns the room when she enters it! She's a Bad Girl with a Bad Bitch Mentality! Etc. AND MOST IMPORTANT, LOYAL!
ah bad bitch is Rihanna, Meagan Good, eva mendez, Danasha Cato from twitter, crystal westbrooks on tumblr, her siblings, Jessica Lopez on facebook, etc. country bitches, dark bitches, light bitches, all bitchesss!
by BayNigga324 March 08, 2013
71 61
Got it all together body, mind,and finances everything is tught.
Most of the women in Memphis, Tn are bad bitches.
by A. T. January 10, 2005
417 412
A female that is really attractive.
A girl would not be lesbian, but if she sees another beautiful woman, she'll admit like, " Oo she's a bad bitch omg "
by 651Alex May 19, 2013
5 12
a female who has everything together. Takes care of herself and her man. street smart and book smart. Must smell good 24/7, cook good,clean good, works it good. owns her own shit. must be a ridah and no less then a dime peice exercise everday.nice skin. doesnt bitch and is just down ass chick. perfect body with manners in the street but a freak in the bed. Model type.
Damn that girl is a ridah...deffinatly a bad bitch. I bet she cook me some chicket right now.
by big poppa247 May 20, 2008
300 319
You know Rihanna?

Hell yeah, Rihanna the bad bitch who doesn't give a fuck.
by yum39302 March 02, 2012
12 32