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A delicious dish, native to Central New York State (Upstate). The first recorded bacon pie was baked for the celebration of Noah Cook's birthday.
A bacon pie consists of 3 pounds of slightly pre-cooked bacon baked in a pie crust. It is agreed that it is a beautiful dish to behold, and its taste a unique and wonderous thing. Bacon pie is usually only consumed with root beer.
We are the few, the select, the elite, for we only have partaken of the Pie. You have not, and are therefore inferior.

"Hey Noah, your mom's making us some bacon pie for dinner, right?"
by Brad Slocum October 10, 2005
Baconpie comes from the words "Bacon" and "Pie". It means "damn", "screw" etc. It is always used with no space between "Bacon" and "Pie".
"Baconpie you!" "My GameBoy is baconpied!" "BACONPIE!"
by Psycho Lugia December 19, 2004
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