When you're fucking some skank from behind, and right before you blow your load, you pull out and scatter it all over her back.

This is where the name for the x-ray machine at airports comes from being that people photographed with these machines appear to have jumped back first on to a cum grenade.
I backscattered your Mom last night. ;)

Ok, Good for you dad?!? :/
by boat_boy November 18, 2010
Top Definition
while defecating, the fecal matter that splashing back onto you after it bounces off the back of the toilet bowl, usually caused by explosive diarrhea
I must've eaten something wrong because I just had to wipe off so much backscatter.
by chowmeida November 25, 2008
An Asian porn actress who poops on a mans back during the act of love making.
I saw this really hot chick in a video online, but she turned out to be a backscatter.
by reverz November 17, 2010
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