After a really serious depressing prediction about the future of an old pensioners death the definition is when the old pensioner makes a funny remark which ruins the seriousness and brings the convocation back to normal levels.
Psychic: you will burn in the fiery pits of hell for the rest of eternity....


Pensioner: I'm not boiling in no freaking coldron

Psychic: well that was a backfire
by Thepersonwhowillnotbenamed May 04, 2012
That fucked up half-choke/snicker sound you let out when you took too big of a hit, but then hang onto it...
Back Fire is the action like in Up in Smoke, when Cheech hits the Maui Wowie Labrador joint, and Chong tells him "Toke it up! Toke it up man!"
by christy.skywalkera November 10, 2011
When a guy receives a blowjob and cums so hard it hits him in his face.
Dude, I was getting this wicked BJ and I thought she was going to swallow, but she made me backfire.
by suchalamerequirement November 04, 2007
Any variety of outdoor fire pit or fireplace located in a backyard. A backyard fireplace, i.e., backfire
Hey, stop by the store on your way over here and pick up some dang marshmallows... I'm starting up the backfire!
by crispernaki July 03, 2014
This is when a guy ejaculates into a girls ass, followed by the girl blowing the load back onto the guy by farting.
Man, you wouldn't believe it last night I finally got to do anal to my girl but she totally backfired in my face, yep rough night.
by Hydro24 December 01, 2009
When a guy cums so hard he ejaculates on his own face.
Dude, I thought she was going to swallow but she totes made me backfire!
by QueenLisa November 24, 2007
when you are doing a girl (or guy if your just wierd) in the butt and she farts.
by hicke October 22, 2003

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