An individual or team of men who are infamous for going through the backdoor. Backdoor Bandits know that if the front door is being painted to go around back.
Friend: did you see that new sex tape that Christy was in?
Friend2: yeah man, looks like multiple backdoor bandits beat that up.
by BookuBucks April 18, 2013
1)someone who will come up from behind you, trip you off your feet and proceed to rape you up the ass
2) Someone who will take everything you own out of your backdoor while your away on hoildays, most likely a friend or family memember
3) Used to make fun of friends
1) "Marc is a backdoor bandit, He got Sally twice last weeK"
2) "My fucking T.V. is gone.... Fucking Backdoor Bandits
3) "Karl, your dumb as shit, you fucking Backdoor Bandit"
by Torrance Dodge August 02, 2005
Homosexual persone who does other males in the anus.
So-and-so is a "Backdoor Bandit".
by Backdoor bandit April 06, 2003
Male of homosexual persusaion who sleeps with other mens partners.
Hayden is a back door bandit, he's been busy getting it all over town.
by ShotAl September 13, 2005

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