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In best-of-seven elimination sports, a backdoor sweep occurs when a team wins four consecutive games after losing one, two or three games.
Bill: Damn it the Spurs lost Game 1

Ted: Don't worry, the Lakers suck. Here comes the backdoor sweep!
by obiwan23s April 25, 2009
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1. To win a series in a best of competition by winning the last games of the competition. If you have to win n games to win the series, then you lose the first n-1 games and when the last n games ie. best of seven lose the first 3 games and win the last 4 games.

2. To tickle someones anus with facial hair, preferably a mustache.
A: The Red Wings are out of the Stanley Cup playoffs.
B: The Red Wings will pull the rarest of sweeps the backdoor sweep on tjeir way to winning the Cup!
by hhiser May 06, 2010

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