to pat somebody on the back; to felicitate; to approve of.
The boy secured 95 marks out of 100 and his teachers backpatted him.
#pat on the back #backslap #admire #applaud #disparage #run down
by uttam maharjan November 03, 2011
Top Definition
The annoying way one person (usually female) will pat another person (usually male) on the back during a hug, signifying that sex between the two will never, EVER happen. However, this can also used by males in a professional setting to avoid premeditated sexual harassment charges by a female colleague.
Ryan: "Dude, I hugged Veronica and she just gave me the back pat AGAIN."

Justin: "Yeah... she did that to me, too. We are so NOT getting any ass from her."
#hug of death #hug #backpat #backpatter #backpatting
by djfour May 28, 2010
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