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to decide not to do something that you had promised to do
After you've signed the contract, it will be impossible to back out
by Cutting_Edge September 07, 2010
Term is used on Call of duty 4 when a player is leaving the lobby
"alright this match isnt starting, i'm backing out."
"back out John"
" Yo dude back out"
by Morril January 27, 2008
A term used in Alcoholics Anonymous and related programs that refer to a person relapsing, or getting drunk/using.
I haven't seen Ben at a meeting in a while.
Yeah, he went back out.
by Benzo Di August 23, 2012
pull out a firearm east coast slang)
nigga tried to shit on me i had to back out on son
by jimmyjump55555 October 12, 2006
The act of pulling your dick out of a bitches pussy before you cum so she doesn't get pregnant.
I wanted to back out, but it felt so fucking good I forgot.
by Unit047 January 19, 2009