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A back tickle is when you run your fingers lightly across another's back (usually a boyfriend or girlfriend) and it sends chills down their spine and gets them very turned on.

A way to get your boyfriend/girlfriend to have sex with you.
#back rub #bck tickle #ticking #rubbing #foreplay
by playful0417 December 09, 2008
A form of sexual favor used by manipulating women on the most desperate of men. Somewhat related to a back massage, it involves light brushing of the fingernails and fingertips across the back in such a way as to not snag in the copius amounts of back hair.
She's staying at his house and she's not even sleeping with him. He thinks its great because he gets back tickles while he watches college football.
#cocktease #blue balls #sexual frustration #flirt #bitch
by Project Hellraiser December 03, 2011
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