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the massage places that give you a happy ending
Rob: That oriental chick at the back and whack gave me the best hand job
Tim: Oriental is a rug, those chicks are asian
Rob: I fucked your sister
#asian #massage #hand job #sixty dollars #chopsticks
by Wally Krunk from the grave August 21, 2009
A massage parlor where working class men congregate at lunch for hand jobs or sex for money, usually Asian of some sort or russian
Yo Jim you wanna hit the back and whack at lunch? They have a valentine's special today

Cousin greg is a frequent flyer at the back and whack every 9th "massage" he gets the 10th free
#rub and tug #. massage parlor #happy ending spot #. chinese for lunch. #handies
by tommybatts February 18, 2015
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