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A latino rapper with some sexy green eyes and with a sexy deep ass vioce
U can just listen to his voice and tell he is a sexy motherfucker.
by Chrisina March 19, 2004
146 59
Sexy papi chulo lookin especially with does sexy greenish eyes of his, and his sexy voice.
He's Baby Bash.
Just look at him there's da example.
by ELENA December 28, 2003
83 48
Nothing but a fine ass green eyes black hair chicano,rapper thats got SUGA,SUGA crazy.
Baby bash
by outlast September 28, 2003
103 77
Sexy papi chulo looking especially with does green sexy eyes of his, and his sexy deep ass voice!!!
He's Baby Bash!!!!
Just take a look at him. There's da example.
by ELENA December 28, 2003
51 36
Baby Bash is one of the hottest rappers, PERIOD. half Caucasian half Latino... pure gorgeousness.
He's a damn good rapper too
by stacked April 13, 2005
46 41
when your bash a baby
take that you little bastard
by white_respect May 10, 2004
67 66
To ejaculate anywhere on female's body
She proceeded to give me head until i had a baby bash on her face.
by Fury R. February 03, 2009
15 21