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a ghetto way to inquire 'but excuse me sir/miss'
"is that for here or to go?"
"Ba'scuse me?!?! does it look like im gonna eat that whole motherfuckering bucket of chicken on my own?!?!"

real life experience at KFC...
by Rita Torcaso/Ben Gentile December 20, 2005
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A really passive aggressive way of saying "excuse me".
At KFC a very large woman was in front of my sister in line. She orders a large bucket of chicken.

Guy at the counter: Is that for here or to go?

Woman: Bascuse me muthafucka?! You think I can eat a whole bucket of chicken by myself?!

Guy at the counter: Bitch I don't know your life!

- Overheard by Hannah
by jusmo November 17, 2011
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