An abbreviation for Buffalo Wild Wings in Eastern North Carolina. In typical southern fashion, these hicks have added a letter so that it makes sense to their dialect.
NC hick: What up ya'll. I'm straight hungry dawg.
Non NC guy: What do you have in mind?
NC hick: How about some b3w's son.
Non NC guy: Where?
NC hick: b3w's, in g-vegas, where c-muffin is from dawg.

Non NC guy: Huh?
NC hick: Buffalo wild wings dammit!
Non NC guy: thanks, I don't speak 80's black.
by loltiel May 02, 2011
Top Definition
b3w simply means a real bitch who is bout whateva at any given time or place and not scared to speak her mind.there on a real level that can't get higher than the sky, or maybe the universe.
by jrc8190 August 29, 2008

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