The town with numerous Pagodas in Myanmar
Bagan is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction in southeast Asia.
by Su Su March 07, 2014
Top Definition
ball ass gangsta ass nigga
bcheck21 balla ass gangsta ass nigga, that music was some ball ass gangsta ass nigga shit bcheck 21 is a b.a.g.a.n.
by bcheck21 July 06, 2011
Adjective meaning something cannot get more hood, baller, dank, tight, cool, etc. Meaning "Baller Ass Gangster Ass Nigger."
BCheck is mackin' on dem ladies tonight. I guess that's why they call him BCheck21, B.A.G.A.N.!
by Clit Lipz September 25, 2011
The coolest teacher ever. Bald, funny, and a jolly face. Likes to act immature but is also a great person to just chat with. Works amazingly with people around the age of 12-15
"Woah! Bagan is so wicked amazing! Did you see him yesterday- awesome!"
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