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1) The most useless thing ever

2) A Tree of B's

3) Fear of Ghettos
Hey did you see that loser, I bet he likes BTrees.

BTrees killed my son

Have you seen my leaf node???
by Troy Vasiga July 25, 2004
6 0

braintree, massachusetts.

see also the tree;
where'd you guys go last night?
we hit up the mall in btree.
by the boston anthony August 25, 2005
4 3
-noun; bee-tree;

Where blogs come from.
Holmes: Charlie, I bet wordpress is going to buy that grove of btrees with the property market as it is these days.

Charlie: Yeah, I bet you could get a dozen blogs out of each one.
by PartTimeMonk June 18, 2008
1 1
A BTree of order d is a multi-way search tree such that
- every node has <= d children
- every non-root node has >= „¡d/2„¢
- all external Nodes have the same depth.
That order 4 BTree has 200 nodes!
by Troy Vasiga July 25, 2004
3 8