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Pseudo-phrase for anyone awesome, fresh, or tasteful. Originated from the root name of Brian Mag, the co-owner of, who would kidnap the children of wealthy plantation owners in the early 1900's and teach them how to use their game to score the girls.
That kid is so fresh, so nimble, so bmag.
by evenup July 23, 2009
103 25
B-MAG is literally any kind Adjective, or Pronoun. Like when you describe someone or something, or when you call someone a good or bad name.

So feel free to use it how ever you would like.
Look at that sloppy B-MAG. (Drunk)
What the B-MAG is going on here!?! (F**K, H**L, ETC)
What a B-MAG? (F*G, B***H, ETC.)
Wow! Did you see that B-MAG car drive by? (Sweet, Awesome, Cool, ETC.)
by the cool crew March 12, 2012
1 2