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To take a fat bong rip....
Damn B rad that was a huge b load.
by ruthless racing May 17, 2007
verb- to Bload is to "Bust a load." Preferably on a woman's chest creating a pearl necklace
nick - dude, i bet my friend will Bload on that girl.
Riley - yeah, your right haha.... ew...
by nrmtkt90 January 02, 2010
1. a water pipe which has been packed with marijuana

2. album by 12 Cents for Marvin, released 7/7/2007
All night, Leon frantically ran around asking, "Anybody want a b-load?"
by Tommy Dub July 02, 2007
A massive, explosive dump.
Guy: Dude, I gotta bload so bad, I don't think I'm gonna make it to the bathroom.
Girl: That's gross.
by KLeonidas July 29, 2010
Like a choad, but bigger in length instead of width. Since every normal dick IS longerer than wide, this is coined when the man has a pencil dick or the longest dick know to man.
1.That dick could fit in a pencil sharpener, what a Bload!
2. Your penis could touch the sun, christ, what a Bload!
by Gunmaster45 May 09, 2008
A friggin' lot. Short for butt load.
I just ate bloody bload of chinese food.
by dudemar007 March 15, 2010
n. A butt load; as from a chode.
Bam goes the bload from a fat chode on your bode.
by Setnakt May 29, 2005