Bronx-Boy to Bogaloo-boy to Break boy. Bronx boy was bboy's 1st name because bboying was created in the bronx. Even though there are different arts were created around then that look similar to bboying. Bboying came from the bronx. Bogaloo boy came around when DJ kool herc named the bboys as bboying reached farther out then in bronx. DJ kool herc named them at one of his famous Block Parties!. Break boy came along when Bboying got out farther and farhter. Now bboying is international. People made break boys mainstream. Break boy came from the word breakdancing. Breakdancing is what the media named us. Bboys are not breakdancers.
Damn that breakdancer was wack in the pepsi commercial. All he did was mills and flares. But dayyuumm that bboy right their on the floor is rocking it to the beats yall.
by Bboy Chairiot December 21, 2006
The word break in breaker boy is refering to a part of a song where it gets hype what they use to call the break in the song the person whould start dance so every time the break in the song came on they would dance
by B_BOY October 06, 2003
Bboy=Break Boy, Bronx Boy, and something else that I forget. They call it breakin because the bboys and bgirls usually jump into the cypher at the break of a song.
Crumbs is a crazy Bboy
by Bboy Ka$h March 02, 2004
Breaker Boy, male thats involved with breakdancing
crazy legz is one of the freshest Bboys in hip hop history.
by swift February 17, 2003
Break Boy, comes from DJ Kool Herc naming "Breakdancers" after a street termanology. (break basically means to do things out of the ordinary or above normal)
Style Elements are one fresh bboy crew.
by Sammy May 29, 2003
It was originally made to be "beat boy" because no one had associated that type of gymnastic dance to the word break yet. Now it can be associated directly with breakdancing.
Chicago has the best bboys in the U.S.
by Zec September 09, 2005
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