Meaning a guy that is a little bitch.
"Dakota is such a B-Boy."
by Reddfox March 04, 2015
In contrast to popular belief, the TRUE definition of a b-boy is not simply just a male breakdancer. The main difference between a breakdancer and a b-boy is that a breakdancer is one who uses the hip-hop art form known as breakdancing to get chicks and/or to show off to his friends that do not know shit about breakdancing or perhaps anything about hip-hop in general; in contrast, a b-boy is one who expresses himself through breakbeats (beats that b-boys can break to) using various combinations or sets of breakdance moves such as:
-downrock (e.g. 6 step)
-freezes (e.g. single hand baby-freeze)
-power (e.g. flares)
-airtracks (e.g. UFO)

A true b-boy will add his own style to these various sets. These sets are innovated by b-boys through rigorous dedication and practice during "session" or breakdance practice. Any set that is “taken” or “copied” from one b-boy by watching another b-boy/b-girl is called a “biter”.

A real b-boy will break anytime, anywhere, and any day, when challenged or "called out" by another dancer or b-boy/b-girl in a "battle". In many cases, a b-boy will encounter a dancer or another "b-boy/b-girl" that is "straight up whack" or simply disrespectful, in which case a b-boy will wish to "serve his ass". But in many cases, a battle between a b-boy and another dancer or b-boy, will have both sides showin' much peace, love, respect and even props.

Simply put, a b-boy is one who encompasses the essence of hip-hop through “the dance” or "b-boying". Thus, most b-boys think that krumpers are just plain whack.
B-Boy Hong 10 has created a monopoly on all power moves the involve the use of one's head. ~B-Boy Jason Ko
by B-Boy Pono March 16, 2006
bboy means "beat boy"
the media calls it "breakdancing"
but u can't breakdance without a beat
"beat boy is the original name for bboy"

don't believe me?
watch Planet Bboy.
bboys break to a "beat"
by xlilxdragox March 04, 2009
bboy Domkey
Bboy Domkey representing Beat Whakz ,Lionz of Zion and Flying Fist From the Floor. He dances with originality and mad flavor. He is one of the most stylish dancers in the world. Real bboy!!!!

Hey look it's Domkey the Italian Christmas donkey!
by Jouz December 03, 2010
Kmel is one of greatest bboy of all time.... representing Boogie Brats he has inspired many bboys around the world... Kmel is the true definition of what a bboy is...

If you don't believe me go battle him for yourself!
by Jouz December 03, 2010
b.boy is the slang term for breakdancer.
b boy is the word used to describe male breakdancers and b girl for females.
clothing is a usual indicator as to wether someone is a b boy/b girl but not always as it is a sport that people from many groups are into eg chavs punks joining together in the love of hihop/rap associated dancing.
at times they will be subject to a minimal degree of mockin
mainly by those who wish they could dance or becouse they look different.
(friend one) yo man, you see that show last night?
(friend two) yea that b.boy is the bomb
(friend one) yea but they totay look like wannabe gangstas
(friend two) shut up you jelouse prick
by 5ki9 December 26, 2006
the b in b-boy stands for Break, in the 70's when there was a 'break' in a song (which is when there is no vocalisation and just the rhythem) that was when the dancers would get down and do thier thing, the boys that danced on the 'break' were called b-boy same for the girls 'b-girl'
'b boys and b girls are you reeaaddyyyy'
by B-boy Flow October 10, 2005

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