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a) A black male who plays Runescape, Kingdom Hearts, or owns a black PSP. (Piece of shit portable.)
b) A black male who lives near cows and likes the name Mary.
c) Cereal.
d) A man who enjoys lap dances on the bus.
e) A very nice black person.
B dot likes to play Kingdom Hearts.
B dot is very nice and funny.
by Lulls September 16, 2007
Biggest Douche on Tour. The kind of person who thinks more highly of themselves than any and all around them. Always a know it all even when they are completely wrong. Willing to roll on those who consider them friends at a moments notice. Usually found within the touring band community (ie. Phish, Widespread Panic, etc).
That guy Paul thinks he's a king, but he's really just the BDOT.
by Nip1013 June 11, 2014
slang term for the city of burlington, ontario
where you at? yo!
by dfhdrt January 06, 2007

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