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Fourth single of 50 cent's recent album "Curtis". Includes Justin Timberlake and Timbaland (sings very little). The song is about 2 men who use advanced technology to control women from a distance, somewhat like voodoo. The song had to be edited numerous times because it had highly explicit lyrics. The music video was first released by 50 cent himself on Youtube, and has become very popular ever since, as of now over 7 million views . Was performed at the 2007 MTV Music awards. Got on the billboard charts.
Ayo technology is a combination of hip-hop and pop.
by OVERCLOCKING 4 LIFE September 23, 2007
a really nice song that has a pointless video...
billy-have u heard ayo technology??
freddy- yeah!! its awesome!!!
billy- yeah but i hate the video..
freddy- yeah..its pointless, man!
by Sum1010101 December 14, 2007
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