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1)when you are sledding down a hill on a sheet and your best friend is on top of you you yell

2)when ditching school with your best friend and driving a car illegally without a liscense and you almost get into a car accident you say...

3) when driving around town at night in a taxi to go to a drug deal and your getting chased by your best friends father cuz she just got caught by her dad breaking out of her house and you just escaped a near arrest experience with the cops and her dad chases you into the movie theatre and you run past your lover you yell...
awww sheet melissa i almost got hit by a car

aww sheet theirs your dad

awww sheet are those the cops

awww sheet we cant pay the taxi driver

aww sheet was that my my hair okay?
by yoursupermaketwithaheart June 09, 2010

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