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When a person of high tolerance for weed becomes extremely high off of one good rip of a bong,bowl,blunt,etc..

symptoms include: silence,nausea, heavy breathing, crazy thoughts, loss of pigment in the face, awkward behavior
example 1:
keith- "Duddee Kevin just killed the gravity bong!!"

(2 minutes later..)

mark- "What's wrong with kevin? Is he alright??"

keith- "Yea he'll be alright but dudes soooo awkwardly high right now"

example 2:
girl- (talking to her friend)" blahblahblahblah.. HEY! haven't you heard a word I've said??"

boy- "Not at all to be honest im really awkwardly high right now...."
by rel112345 December 21, 2010
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