Hand gesture made with both hands, one on top of the other while rotating the thumbs, that resembles a turtle. Performed when an awkward moment occurs, or when recounting an awkward moment.
Rosie "When Will visited me here once they let him in my room, which was weird because they don't let boys in the boarding house. So I felt special, but then they came in and he had to leave. Turns out they thought he was my brother, not my boyfriend, so they let him in. Fail."

Morrigan "LOL!!"

Rosie "Biggest fail ever AND on way out girl who I know's mum came in and was like "OH ROSIE. IS THIS YOUR BROTHER? YOU LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE!". And awkward turtle was done"
by Velvet Letters September 13, 2010
Top Definition
The animal mascot of the awkward moment.

When you're in an awkward moment, place your hands on top of each other, and spin your thumbs forward. Thus creating the creature know as awkward turtle.
Oh my god, so I was talking to Becky about STDs and I forgot she had syphillis... it was mad awkward turtle
by Final Attempt September 06, 2005
During an awkward moment, this hand gesture is used to mark the situation as awkward, and, depending on the situation, makes it more awkward or clears the air. The awkward turtle is made by putting one hand on top of the other with the thumbs sticking outward and rotating forward. The speed of the rotating thumbs depends on the degree of awkwardness.
Boy- "I love you."
Girl- "Um...that's cool..."
by <3 curse of curves <3 May 29, 2007
In real American Sign Language. It means Platypus.
Friend making Awkward Turtle sign.
Friend who knows better: "Platypus?"
by Likitung. December 20, 2008
A motion performed by stacking one's hands on top of one another, extending the thumbs and rotating the thumbs slowly. Performed after a friend has said/done something awkward, either to ease the tension or further humiliate the friend.
"Dog, today carver asked laura to the dance, and she turned him down in front of like 50 people."
"What'd you do?"
"We had to bust out the awkward turtle"
by Urban Dictionary December 05, 2007
A hand motion to display feelings of akwardness to a few people without everyone knowing. Hand on top of hand with the two thumbs rolling. Text symbol: 'O,
Speaker 1: Hey can I have your baby?
Speaker 2: * Awkward Turtle hand motion *
by Joedun23 July 28, 2010
A word used to discribe the gesture made by your hands after a line or series of lines have been spoken that have now resulted in an uncomfortable silence. The person executing the "Awkward Turtle" is basically, jerking there hands around in rougly the shape of a turtle, unable to speak. And silence ensues
The evening was going smoothly until Merc had to go and tell us his dad used to lock him in a closet when he was bad. Silence ensued. Darrow began to make the "Awkward Turtle" with his hands, and the rest of us stared anywhere but at Merc.
by adelews June 21, 2007
Well known saying for when you make an idiot of yourself. Sadly the hand gesture you make for this Awkward Turtle, is actually the american sign language sign for 'platypus'
"That's not a awkward turtle you moron, that's a platypus"
by SUPER DUPER WRONG January 26, 2010
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