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To become awesome only through the absorption of another persons or objects awesome.
"You're going to experience awesomosis just by touching that Aston Martin Vantage."

"You're only awesome because you're with me. It's totally due to awesomosis."
by AminaKamal76 March 05, 2013
The absorption of awesomeness from proximity to an awesome person.

Similar to osmosis, but instead of water diffusing down a concentration gradient, its awesome qualities/characteristics
Zach: How are you so awesome?

Maral: I hang out with you too much, I'm awesome by awesomosis

Zach: Well you're welcome
by High Concentration May 28, 2011
Like the scientific term, "osmosis," this is the process by which one's own innate awesomicity is absorbed by those around him.
"Through what can only be described as awesomosis, John's acne ridden, lisping, Halo-playing loser of a roommate became almost equally as popular on campus."
by Van Ailwood August 27, 2010
A highly contagious disease with only one symptom: being awesome, cool, radical, or fantastic.

People that are immune include bitches, their sons, Saddam Hussein, and historical figures such Adolf Hitler.

(can be used as a verb, adjective, or noun)
Guy 1 "That was totally awesomosis man!"

Guy 2 "Yeah I know. I got a fever!"
by a chick 468 January 30, 2009
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