anything flammable or explosive
im gonna burn and blow up some awesome stuff tonight dude.
by geesmith July 11, 2011
the act or process of being sweeter than previously thought imaginable.
"Mike Prosser is so awesome i don't even think i can believe it"
by nsfallen May 08, 2010
Awesome is a word that originally meant powerful, but is now used as slang for 'cool'.
Kayla and Boaz are the most awesome hotties in our group of friends, although they cannot whistle.
by HeyimKay May 04, 2010
The most over used word in America.
Iamst U. Pid- OH MAH GAWD!! That movie was awesome! Did you see that awesome kick! It was pure AWESOME!
Thi S. Isaname- ... Can you use another frickin' word, dyslexiac?
by Teh Neighbourhood Hobo April 25, 2010
When people use lines from awesome songs as their status updates
Gemz used 2 lines from Carry On my Wayward Son by Kansas as her status update - The was awesome!!
by Spanner82 April 06, 2010
The most amazing word in the English dictionary. No other word can describe how just extremely great this is. The most desriptive adjective in the world. The effing world. You cannot fail in this word. Every word after the word "awesome" should be treated wi9th respect and dignity.
Chuck Norris is awesome.
by TravellingShoes March 29, 2010
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