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According to Conan O'Brian's mock Boy-Band group "Dudez A Plenti", Awesome Juice is how any babe gets awesome.

It is distilled from the naturally occurring awesomeness found in things that aren't ghey like boybands.

It is a well known fact that Librarians tend to have the highest naturally occurring amount of awesome juice of any group of people.
How’d you get so awesome, baby?

From drinking lots of awesome juice?

The awesome juice has worked, hooray
by IkeCube August 01, 2008
The magic elixir squirted from a male into a female during intercourse which provides the female with several desired side effects/feelings, e.g. love, pleasure, elation, relaxation, happiness, fulfillment, etc.
When Jilsy receives Mikey's awesome juice, she becomes happy and satisfied, and often times she is ready for a good night's sleep.
by AccidentalDestiny December 18, 2012
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