hey guys, i hate to burst your little rainbow coloured bubbles, but it is in fact Avril Lavigne Some fans you are if you cant even spell her name right
lalala i'm so DIFFICULT...look at my kewl clothes and my RAWKIN guitar
by paddyann August 09, 2004
A horrid singer who kids go around saying they love and that she's punk. They then start hearing she's a poseur and start saying they hate her.

Who cares whatever the hell she is, she just blows all together and her voice sounds like she's dieing...
Kid 1: Yeah, Avril is so punk! I love her!
Kid 2: Are you kidding me? She's sucks!

A day later...

Kid 1: I hate Avril she's such a poseur and she sucks!
by Highly Evolved March 28, 2005
Some one who definitely doesn't take her music seriously and would rather resort to being a whore to the major music industry much like the Backstreet Boys or Nsync.
The world most surely needs more Avrils to spark wannabe punks into buying worthless shit in a prepackaged, frilly, disk of truly heartfelt singles written by people possibly with no distinct dynamical appoarch to music.
by zac March 13, 2005
see poser
Avril lavinge claims to be "punk" but punk is not just a style of music, it is also a lifestyle. She doesnt follow the lifestyle
by damagedroses04 May 12, 2004
An annoying fuck that makes 12 year old girls say "Omfg Avril laveen iz da best rawk star evur!" And calls out to lesbians by singing "Hey hey! You you! I wan't to be your girlfriend!"
"I threw up yesterday because I saw Avril Lavinge in my dreams."
#slut #wannabe #whore #bitch #skank
by A.m.b.e.r.. November 29, 2008
Best singer ever. She's very honest with herself and with her fans. She has a great voice and can play the guitar, tha piano and a little drums. She's simply the best star on the world, and also the most gourgeous one. Britney wishes she could be as pretty and talented as her.
No one can deny that Avril is the best!
by BeLuS May 02, 2005
The world's worst singer. She can't sing and can't play guitar. She also looks like trash with bleached blonde hair and wears really ugly clothes.
Avril is an example of a shitty "singer" if you could even call her a singer.
by someone April 05, 2005
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