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A seeminly endless deluge of email listserv messages caused by an automatic 'out of the office' email reply set up to respond to all a listserv's subscribers (including the person who has set up the autoresponse, thus creating an endless loop), rather than just to the listserv poster.

Condition is aggravated when listserv subscribers Reply All with cease and desist requests, email filtering advice, details of heroic attempts to contact the offending autoresponder, and/or threats of unsubscribing, each of which accelerates the rate at which the autoresponses are generated.
Emailer 1: Why am I getting all of these autoresponses from her? I've receive 140 in the last 3 minutes! Make it stop!

Emailer 2: Please temporarily unsubscribe me!

Emailer 3: I tried phoning her at the number supplied and requested that her IT department shut down her email.

Emailer 4: Everyone stop sending emails to the listserv, goddamnit! You're giving it autorrheasponse!
by KFooLoo January 04, 2011
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