Highly underrated in sports. Seldom get to show their true potential. If given an opportunity they can really surprise people. Ausims' are very funny, intelligent, and they always screw around. Very good at finding money. They might be quiet if you're a stranger to them, but once you've known them, they will bring joy and pleasure to you. Ausims' are very rare so be glad if you have one in your life.
Person who's looks may be deceiving.

:who is that guy?
:oh hes an Ausim
:i didn't know he was like that !?
by alley loc September 16, 2013
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1. A unique individual. One whom people copy often.
2. A person who is stress-free and very relaxed, especially in pressure situations.


1. Distinguished, skillful, significant.

Man that guy is so cool--he's ausim. If I was ausim, I wouldn't be so stressed.


You are an ausim guy.
by asdf qwerty September 30, 2006

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