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Well, AHS is one of the most preppy schools around. Full of douche bags its hard to find someone worthy enough to be a friend. All we care about is drama and facebook/twitter. Weed is also a huge factor here at the great AHS. Walk up to anyone in the halls and 90% of the time there gonna have weed in their backpack. Basically, if you're on the football team you walk around and think your shit doesnt stink. There's never any wondering if your a nerd or not...just look at your friends. And yes your closet consists of American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Abercrombie. You know you go to aurora when you think your popular when 15 people like your TBH status on facebook. We specialize in creating fake and two faced people. We actually have double the enrollment because everyone here has two personalities. Make sure you get to know both of them before inviting them to your homecoming group. The climate in the school is wonderful. Whenever its cold outside its freezing in the building, and in the summer we decide to turn the heat on! Welcome to AHS :)
Kid #1: what day is it today?
Kid #2: Monday...
Kid #1:....fuuuckkkkkkk

....every Monday at aurora high school
by IDGAF24 January 02, 2012
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