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The meaning of Aurezu / AREZOO is: Wish,Desire,Hope and sometimes LOVE!
Aurezu / Arezoo in Persian means something which you want to achieve.
Being a rock star is my Aurezu.
My Arezoo is to live live on sunset blvd.
by sibabi March 23, 2013
an aurezu is a smoking hot girl with a really odd name that no one else has ever heard of, probably. she's usually into weird/off the wall things like pirates and shots of tabasco. she likes to do active things like skate, and beat up bitches in the club.
dude 1: that girl is so smoking hot but crazy! she showed up in a pirate hat and totally did a 300 to me by the end of the night.

dude 2: what was her name?

dude 3: something crazy. she was definitely an aurezu.
by kiantastic July 30, 2009
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