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Menstruation, checking into the 'red roof inn'
Aunt Flow is in town this week.
by Bubba July 03, 2003
Female's period.
Oh no, Aunt flow is in town.
by G Dog October 11, 2005
To be on your period, menstrating, ragging.
I don't feel like going to the dance tonight because Aunt Flow is visiting.
by ~AndyR~ October 08, 2006
Euphemism for the period a female menstruates.
Oh honey I think I'm about due for a visit from Aunt Flow.

No honey, this time you will bleed properly!!

*bang bang bang bang bang*
by Natalie Blortman December 02, 2014
the lady from south park that comes every month to each girl..(your period dumnass!!)
yo girl i got my aunt flow this week so i can be a bitch
by sadie (vamp) December 28, 2008

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