Your aunt or uncle is 1 of the following:
1) a transexual woman (woman turned man)
2) your aunt just looks manly
1) a transexual man (man turned woman)
2) your uncle is a fruitcake that looks and act feminine.
"Your auntie's a man.... we call him Auncle"

"I'm not sure but I think you auncle came on to me.... I think...."
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
Top Definition
An Aunt, or Uncle. This is used to refer to both aunts and uncles collectively, or singularly a person who is either an aunt or an uncle.
My auncles are coming over for the weekend, we're all going to see the new exhibit.

Didn't she have an auncle on her mom's side of the family?
by TexasDex March 16, 2005
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