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Action characterized by the selection of outdated, abrasive, inappropriate, or otherwise unpleasant music in a public setting. Such action may be intentional or unintentional.
Audio Terrorist: "I noticed a couple approach the TouchTunes Jukebox. Little do they know I just put $20 into the mobile app to select terrible music making them look like total squares."

Victim 1:"Let's listen to that new hit song that everyone likes - What the hell! I didn't want to hear Who Let The Dogs Out by Baja Men 13 times!"

Victim 2:"Why the fuck did you pick this shitty music? This is audio terrorism. I'm going to a different bar."

Audio Terrorist(Disguised as a victim): "Yeah WTF!"
#music #audio #terror #terrorism #bar #drink #mean #funny #bajamen #tearsforfears #cultureclub
by ThorskyHustle October 02, 2013
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